The Problem


Policies in the United States are far from adequate to grant equal freedom and independence to people with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), intended to grant equal freedom, was only recently passed in 1990, and its shortcomings have been significant. 49.7 million Americans (19%) have a disability, with 11 million using wheelchairs or mobility aids. The need for AXSmap is something that touches everyone. Last year, at the twenty-year anniversary of the signing of the American with Disabilities Act, President Obama said,

‘If one in six Americans have a disability, then odds are the rest of us love someone with a disability.’

Taking this one step further, whether we realize it or not, as we age, we might all be moving towards a form of mobility disability. The need for AXSmap is in everyone’s future. Currently, there is no user database for accessible information on locations and business in your community. There is a critical need to make accessibility transparent.

Our Solution

AXSmap will be the first user database of its kind, enabling users to easily obtain or input information about the physical accessibility of public places such as restaurants, coffee shops and other buildings. AXSmap is a multifaceted project incorporating education through outreach with cutting-edge technology to engage the community in disability awareness. Through its mobile phone application, AXSmap, and website, it will change the way people with disabilities travel. AXSmap allows users to locate, in real time, businesses that have accessible services such as an elevator, ramp, or accessible washroom. AXSmap strives for a better world – accommodating, adapting, and updating for the inclusion of people with a disability.

The Need is Now

Our global society needs AXSmap now to enhance quality of life and provide social inclusion that is so vital and currently lacking for persons with disabilities. It is our belief AXSmap for everyone. We are all rapidly moving towards the possibility of disability as we age. You are likely to need AXSmap in your future - be it for yourself, a friend, or loved one. It is a global vision that affects all people from every age range and demographic. Disability transcends race, economic class, and location. A person with woth a disability needs a central guiding community to increase the quality of life for herself, himself and for all those affected.

Finding the Targets

AXSmap's first target community is New York City's East Village where we have already established 200+ entries to seed the database. The target users are people with disabilities, elderly people, and potentially families with strollers. We will also launch a campaign to build a vibrant online AXSmap community. We plan to create corporate and government partnerships to promote and expand AXSmap. In the long-term, their vision is to make 100% of businesses and public transportation or pathways accessible. In a seven-year time frame we hope to document all accessible aspects of the built environment in North America.