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Start A Mapathon

and raise money for a cause of your choice!

Starting a Mapathon is easy and fun. Learn how.

What you will need

You don’t need much to start a Mapathon.


  • Date(s) of your Mapathon

  • Address where your Mapathon kicks off

  • Goal for the number of places you hope to review (don’t worry, if your not sure we can suggest a goal)

  • Emails of friends/family you want to notify of your event

If you are Fundraising

  • Name of Charity

  • PayPal account email for Charity funds

  • Fundraising Goal

I'm ready to start a mapathon

Start a Mapathon

To start a Mapathon you have to be an AXS Map member (it's completely FREE). Just fill out the short join form or login to continue with registration.

1. Mapathon Details

Event Image

Mapping Goal

Participant Goal

Participant Limit

2. Host Details

3. Fundraising

This is where the funds raised will be sent

Mapathons are a great way to raise money for a charity. This is how it works:

Ever participated in a Walkathon where you ask friends and family to donate money for every mile you walk? Well with a Mapathon you can ask your friends and family to donate money based on the number of places you review. It's easy. Just pick the charity of your choice! If you don't have one in mind, might we suggest one? AXS Lab is a not for profit created by Jason DaSilva and is dedicated to telling the stories of people with disabilities. Check them out here: