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mapathon toolkit

everything you need to make your Mapathon awesome!


How to videos

Mapathon videos



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Paper Review forms

These forms allow your participants to enter reviews on paper.  This is a good thing to have in case someone’s phone doesn’t work or in case a participant doesn’t have a phone. 

sample neighborhood in quadrants

For every Mapathon we divide the neighborhood surrounding the kick off meeting into quadrants and send participants out as teams.

brochure for handing out to businesses

When your Mapathon participants are out roaming the neighborhoods, sometimes it can be a bit startling to a business owner when they request to ‘see’ their bathroom.  Here’s a brochure to help your Mapathoners introduce themselves to a business owner politely and explain what they’re doing.  

how to rate

Guidance on Giving Reviews -  Some of your participants may like to see some guidance on giving reviews.  This document will provide some tips and instructions.


(get more participants and encourage donations) 

Mapathon host

EMAILS  - Invites and reminders for participants 
FACEBOOK POSTS – Invites and reminders for participants
TWEETS – Invites and reminders for participants

Mapathon participants

EMAILS  - Asking for donations        
FACEBOOK POSTS – Asking for donations       
TWEETS – Asking for donations

Important Tips

Mapathon Host Checklist

Coming Soon

How to enable GPS on your phone

Coming Soon

How to form teams

Coming Soon

Using Mobile Web instead of Native Apps

Coming Soon

How to handle paper reviews

Coming Soon

Tech Support

Coming Soon

Virtual Mapping

Coming Soon

Mapping from Afar

Coming Soon